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It is frequently best to clean your contact lenses with some contact lens cleaning solution. These solutions are designed to remove irritants, protein buildup also potentially infectious agents from contact lenses from a way that regular drinking water or even saline solution cannot. Even so, there may be times when you want to clean up your contacts without access to a contact lens solution. When this happens, receive specific precautions to insure you do not damage your contacts or your eyes.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need

Bottled drinking water Lint-free cloth Hand soap

1 Wash your hands completely. You should always clean your contacts with clear hands. Whenever you do not have access to sanitizing solution, you need to be additional careful. If possible, wash your hands with warm water and soap before rinsing them thoroughly. If you do not have comfortable drinking water, subsequently use bottled drinking water.

2 Dry your hands. Utilize the lint-free cloth to make sure that is all soap residue is gone. It will in addition maintain your contacts from sticking to your hands, making it less likely that you will shed or lose them.

3 Rinse one contact in a time. Hold the contact from the palm of your hand and pour a little amount regarding bottled water (relating to 1 tbsp.) over the contact. Pour gently so that that is it does never splash the contact outside of your hand.

4 Rub the contact gently to remove dirt and dirt. You can rub it onto your palm or between two fingers. Whilst you are rubbing, tip the excessive water outside about your palm.

5 Rinse the contact once again. This will make sure everything has rinsed off that it is possible to remove.

If you do never get access to bottled drinking water, you can use regular water. Nevertheless, the less natural the water remains, the greater the chance about infection or irritation. Constantly use the cleanest water, towels and hands possible. Continually wash your contact lenses with contact lens solution as soon seeing that possible after having "made complete" together with one different washing.

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