Open up up your iPod to see what it looks for example on the within.

If your iPod is malfunctioning, you may possibly need to open it increase also replace particular (or further) of the interior elements of the iPod. Nevertheless do this only if you know exactly the way in which to do so that. Or, perhaps you have a completely broken iPod and you'd enjoy to take a look at what it looks want on the inside. Either way, opening your iPod can be pretty troublesome to do lacking bad the iPod itself. However, by way of any few gear, you should be able to open up and dismantle your iPod.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Need

Guitar picks Tiny flathead screwdriver Sharp black pen

1 Unplug your iPod from every USB cords or the battery. Turn your iPod away. If your iPod remains left on also/or is connected to all USB or battery cords, you will be with liability of electrical shock.

2 Insert any guitar pick within between the front and back seams about the iPod. Push the pick around the complete iPod to loosen the seam. At the end about the iPod, insert double picks in between the seams to pry it open. Pull aside the bottom deal with from the front protect.

3 Function in the back about the iPod cover first. Place the iPod down onto a clean up area, plus situate it so it lays horizontally--the top of the iPod facing to the correct and the base facing to the left. Use the tiny flathead screwdriver to unscrew the six screws located at the top, base plus one side about the iPod. Remove every screw.

4 Locate the connector strip on the back cover of the iPod. The connector strip remains a tan piece of plastic on between the two screws on the right end of the iPod.

7 Remove the battery. Pull up gently on the battery and fold it around the iPod. It wants to be "folded" over because it is attached to the iPod for another connector strip.

8 Use the pen to lift up on the bottom finish of the connector strip. Once this end is lifted, the best end exclusive be pulled out plus the battery can be completely removed.

9 Remove the display screen out of the the front of the iPod. Operate a guitar pick or the black pen to pull up the show screen on the appropriate side of the screen. When the display screen's pins are loosened from the holes, it can be pulled out plus removed.


You Tube: Carry Apart Apple iPod (3G) - Disassembly

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