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After several major music companies sued Napster, it became increasingly hard to legally download free music onto any MAC or any PC. Persons were afraid of moving to jail plus rightfully so. Music companies sent the world a information through their suit by way of Napster. It stated, “take our music to free of charge plus you’ll pay.” Well, thankfully, things need calmed down through the years. Now you can download free music and it’s through iTunes. Read on to learn the way to legally download free of charge music to a Mac.

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1 Open awake iTunes. If you don’t own it yet, go to the iTunes website plus download this application. You’ll see wherever to make this on the residence page for the site. Just look to your right.

2 Go to the Music Store on iTunes. You will locate it on the side bar to the correct about the iTunes’ application. It remains the initial listing beneath Store. Click on "iTunes Shop."

3 Find free music by seeking for it. Use the search box at the higher proper corner of the page. It will have a little magnifying symbol inside of it. Type “free music” in the search box and press “Enter.” It will take you to a new page. You can also look in the middle regarding the residence page for the iTunes Shop and you’ll also understand featured free music.

4 Select your free music. You will witness some list regarding music towards the middle about the page that you can download for free of charge. The good news remains that it will furthermore include music streams you can subscribe to with free. Below the tab" Cost," click on the words “Subscribe” or “Free” in purchase to get your free music and download it to your Mac.

5 Examine your iTunes library to make definite the download to your Mac was triumphant. You can do that by means of going again to the left side bar and clicking on "Music" under the title "Library." It will bring you to a different screen that displays all of your music. Your download should be there. You can as well scan down farther on the side bar and click on "Recently Additional." It will deliver upwards any new downloads as well.

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Another way to get free music is to visit AOL Music and MySpace? Music. Both offer you free music to their Internet surfers also members. Works on Windows computers as well because long as you are going iTunes. Be convinced that the words "Free" are under the Cost title or you will end upwards paying for music listed from the incorrect region.


Free music away from Download.com

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