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Contact lenses are thin, flexible pieces of plastic that sit down at once on your eye. They can be used to correct vision issues like farsightedness, nearsightedness, plus astigmatism. Toric contact lenses are specifically for the correction of astigmatism, however are used using the same strategie as all contact lenses.


Things You'll Need


1 Work in a fresh surroundings. If you're inside your bathroom leaning over the sink, plug the sink. If you drop your contact lens, you don't want it washing down the drain.

2 Wash your hands with unscented soap also dry them thoroughly. If your hands are wet, the contact lens will stay to your fingers instead of your vision

3 Remove the right contact lens from the package or contact case. Most people receive on the habit of undertaking one part or the other first. This choice could depend on becoming proper-handed or left-handed, or on the strength of your eyes.

4 Softly wash the contact lens together with your saline solution. Keep the lens between your thumb plus forefinger also squirt a stream of saline around it to rinse.

5 Place the lens on the suggestion of your forefinger. If you're right-handed, use your right finger. If you're left-handed, use your left. Produce sure the lens yous still moist inside. This will assist it mold to your eye.

6 Employ the turn without having the contact lens to reach from over and softly pull the eyelid of your right eye up. The easiest way to do this is in pinning your eyelashes against your brow bone. Use the middle finger about your additional hand (the finger next to the 1 holding the lens) to pull your decrease lid down.

7 Keep your vision open, also gently proceed your forefinger ahead to place the contact lens on your eye. Remove your hands and look around to settle the lens from location. Close up your eye, plus then repeat with your left eye.

Tips & Warnings

Using your initial and second fingers, fold the contact lens inwards. If it folds easily, for instance a taco, it's right side out. Contact lenses rip easily. In no way deal with them approximately.


How to Put in Contact Lenses Contact Lens Basics

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