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The therapeutic potential of Cannabis

por BAKER, David; PRYCE, Gareth; GIOVANNONI, Gavin; THOMPSON, Alan J. em

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BAKER, David; PRYCE, Gareth; GIOVANNONI, Gavin; THOMPSON, Alan J. 2003    

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The Lancet   Drug Policy Aliance

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Artigo em Periódico   8 Inglês

Research of the cannabinoid system has many similarities with that of the opioid system. In both instances, studies into drug-producing plants led to the discovery of an endogenous control system with a central role in neurobiology. Few compounds have had as much positive press from patients as those of the cannabinoid system. While these claims are investigated in disorders such as multiple sclerosis spasticity and pain, basic research is discovering interesting members of this family of compounds that have previously unknown qualities, the most notable of which is the capacity for neuroprotection. Large randomised clinical trials of the better known compounds are in progress. Even if the results of these studies are not as positive as many expect them to be, that we are only just beginning to appreciate the huge therapeutic potential of this family of compounds is clear.

Palavras Chave Maconha,Cannabis sativa,therapeutic potential,Medicinal
Link http://www.drugpolicy.org/docUploads/lancet_therapeutic.pdf
Referência para Citação BAKER, D. et. al. The therapeutic potential of Cannabis. UK: The Lancet - Neurology, Vol. 2, maio de 2003.

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